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Sanctuarium: Pre-Need Packages

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but planning a funeral while grieving is much harder. Advance funeral planning lets you decide how your loved ones will carry out your memorial should you pass.

Eliminate the need for your loved ones to decide on funeral arrangements such as casket viewing, type of service, type of casket or urn, obituary information and other personal preferences like music, clothing, jewelry and more. Be the one to decide these options while you're still here and save up to 50% from the packages.

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Sanctuarium: At-Need Packages

If you need to plan a memorial service for a loved one today, we understand if you're feeling lost on where to start, particularly if your loved one didn't leave any final wishes concerning his/her funeral.

PreNeedPlans.com, with the help of our associates at Sanctuarium, can help you through every step of the funeral planning - from deciding important memorial arrangements, to choosing the types of caskets or urns, we'll help you get the best deals from our wide range of available packages.

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Traditional Sunlife Insurance

Life insurance protects people from the inevitable - financial obligations, retirement, sickness, and even death. It gives you peace of mind that when you retire, get sick, or die, your family will be taken care of through income you have prepared beforehand.

PreNeedPlans can teach you everything you need to know about life insurance, how much life insurance you need to buy, the best time to purchase life insurance and other important details based on your unique health, lifestyle and income requirements.

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Sunlife Insurance with Investment

Variable life insurance (VUL) combines the basis of traditional insurance, with investment features into one solution. It provides you with the flexibility of choosing your own investment options, may it be from equity fund, balanced fund or bond fund.

In a traditional life insurance, the cash values, premiums and death benefit are fixed, with the company investing the premiums wherever they prefer. In a VUL plan, cash values, premiums and death benefits are flexible depending on the performance of the funds you chose to invest in.

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Living wisely often means planning and choosing carefully. By making the most of the opportunities presented in life, one can live well in a way that brings satisfaction. But one must also find balance with planning and enjoying life as it currently exists.

A life well spent is the result of numerous choices, day after day. With the insurance, memorial service and investment options PreNeedPlans has to offer, let today be the day you choose to plan your future...and live the rest of your life worrying less and enjoying more.